Naamkaran Indian Serial

Naamkaran (English: Naming) is an Indian Hindi romantic drama television series, which premiered on 12 September 2016 and is being broadcast on Star Plus. It is inspired by the 1998 Bollywood film ″Zakhm″ which was based on the life of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. The serial is dubbed into Malayalam as Vezhambal and is being broadcast on Asianet.


Naamkaran begins off about the difficult existence of 10 year old Avni Ayesha, an ill-conceived youngster who lives alone with her mom Ayesha Haider, maternal grandma Nanno or Fatima and unborn sibling, denied her dad’s last name. Her dad is the well known movie executive Ashish Mehta who lives independently from them and meets them in mystery because of society and his mom, Dayawanti Mehta-a profoundly religious lady who has ill will with Muslims because of her better half being killed in a contention amongst Muslims and Hindus. Avni wants her family to resemble an “ordinary” one and she goes up against her dad about this. Her dad accumulates the valor to educate his mom concerning Ayesha, a muslim lady whom he adores unequivocally and with whom he has a ten year old little girl and an unborn child. The story at that point spins around Dayawanti not tolerating a Muslim lady for her child nor his ill-conceived little girl. Little Avni embarks to battle for her personality rights however gets interfered with each time by her grandma, who sincerely extorted Ashish separating him from Avni and Ayesha. Avni turns out to be closest companions with Neela, the kind-hearted girl of a rich businessperson whom Dayawanti initially needed Ashish to wed and who was infatuated with Ashish since youth. Sidelining her adoration for Ashish subsequent to seeing his affection for Ayesha, Neela helps Avni, whom she had begun to consider as her own particular little girl, in her fight for equity. Avni at one guide tries toward make her lamentable story open, supposing it would enable her somehow, by making a motion picture to out of her life. Soon after the film’s dispatch, Ayesha has a mishap organized by Dayawanti to get exact retribution from Avni. Ayesha brings forth Aman, Avni’s sibling anyway she recaptured cognizance because of Avni playing the Azaan, in the healing center she guarantees Avni she will never abandon her. Avni went to educate the specialists of Ayesha recapturing awareness. Amid Avni’s nonattendance in the room, Dayawanti suffocates Ayesha to death and takes infant Aman in as her family beneficiary, renaming him Amol and grabs him far from Avni. Avni must choose the option to live in the Mehta house for Aman, whom she adores more than anything. Dayawanti torments Avni in Mehta house, Avni’s just bliss there being Neela (hitched to Ashish for rendering retribution from Dayawanti for the benefit of Avni), for her sibling Aman with the assistance of her closest companion Ali. Before long, she begins to get pieces of information that her mom didn’t kick the bucket of a mishap yet was killed. She gets confirmation and puts Dayawanti in the slammer, suspecting from the begin that she was the person who killed Ayesha. In prison, Dayawanti controls her child into trusting that Avni killed her own particular mother. Ashish, aimlessly trusting his mom, sends Avni in the slammer. Dayawanti sends goons to kill Avni. Neela gets her out of jail and prepares to leave with Avni for Delhi , promising Avni she will give her a mother’s affection and will never abandon her. Dayawanti, not having any desire to take any risks, traps Avni into meeting her alone at a clifftop advising her to meet her sibling one final time before she leaves for Delhi. Daywanti never conveyed Aman to meet Avni and rather shoots her with a weapon in her left side. Avni tumbles to the water from the precipice and after that we don’t see her any longer.

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