Ikyawann Indian Serial

Ikyawann (English: Fifty-One) is a 2017 Indian television series, It premiered on 13 November 2017 and airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM on Star Plus. The show stars Namish Taneja and Prachi Tehlan  in the lead roles. The show is set in Ahmedabad, and replaces Chandra Nandni in the programming lineup.


The narrative of the show bases on a restrained young lady, Susheel (Prachi Tehlan), 51st offspring of the Parekh family. A street mischance murders all the female individuals from Parekh family with the exception of Susheel’s mom. Avni brings forth Susheel yet bites the dust. The mischance was arranged by Leela, Kiran’s mom, she needed to render retribution from Mehul (Priyank Tatariya), Susheel’s dad, for dismissing her girl Kiran. She didn’t wish Mehul to have a kid. The infant gets four fathers in her Dada ji, Mehul and two uncles, who make her their reality. Mehul discovers Susheel favorable. Parekh family chooses to move to another life. They move to Surat. They attempt to stay away from Leela. The four men begin raising Susheel with adoration and care. Leela is on a post for Mehul. Regardless she needs her retribution to get finished. The show takes a couple of year jump. Susheel is viewed as an adorable and insidious young lady who is greatly cherished by he family. Dada ji adores her a great deal. He always requests that her have some women’s liberation. Susheel appreciates remaining cool like the men in her family. She carries on like them, while taking in their characteristics since her introduction to the world. Leela chooses to visit Surat. She doesn’t know Parekh family is dwelling in Surat. Otherside, Satya (Namish Taneja) is the grandson of Leela. Susheel and Satya meet at the sanctuary. Their meet gets repulsive. Susheel pursues Satya. He gets hurt. Leela gets another motivation to deliver retribution from Parekh family. She wouldn’t like to leave the young lady who has harmed her grandson. Leela tries hard to get Susheel. She doesn’t realize that Mehul’s tyke Susheel is as yet alive. Parekh family chooses to move to Ahmedabad.

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